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So I Made it to Paris

Picture courtesy of my amazing photography skills.

I finally arrived to my beloved Paris and I had one less worry on my mind than most people: accommodation. Because of being awarded the great Ile de France Bourse I also received housing at the beautiful Cite Universitaire. And since I didn't find out anywhere what kind of room I was getting by googling beforehand, I shall now provide you with some amazing photos so you see what the atmosphere is like there.
Deutsch de la Meurthe Housing for Ile de France Scholarship holders
Yes you get a mini fridge!
You also get bed sheets and a pillow.
They also provide you with some toilet paper and soap and shampoo for the first few weeks you're there.
All in all it was a much bigger room than I expected.
And my views are pretty amazing. Who knew Paris has so much greenery!
My home sweet home for the next year!
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