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Hard Work Does Pay Off

You completed your application, wrote numerous paragraphs on why you’re amazing, and got through the interview reiterating your awsomeness and why they should pick you. You’ve done all you can and now it’s simply a matter of patience. It takes about two to three weeks for the schools to make their decisions so it’s not an extremely long time to wait, however with this much anxiousness surrounding your every move, it feels like an eternity. The SAI program is well organized when it comes to admission and showing who got in and where. You’re sent an email the night before results get posted with links to each of the 5 institutions even if you didn’t apply to all of them.
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The five partner schools for the SAI Admission process.
On December 4th the results were posted and each institution has its own way of conveying their admission candidates. You do need to remember to have your SAI reference number since most of them require it for their login. Some schools do individual results while others have lists that show all the candidates who have been admitted through that round.
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HEC has an individual login where you see only your own results.
Just a few examples of the different ways the schools have of showing you who’s been accepted into their program. They also have waiting lists and they let you know if you are on the list and what your place is.
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ESCP Europe has a list system (other candidate names have been removed for their privacy.)
The time had arrived and since I lived in Canada I was 6 hours behind France therefore I got my results early in the morning and no I didn’t really sleep the night before. I quickly went to the ESCP link because it was my first choice, and saw my name on the list! Such levels of joy could not be properly described using words, so here’s a gif of a small fraction of how I felt at that time:
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Freedom and wonderfulness everywhere!
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All the jumping happened!
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All the feels were being felt!
It truly was magical. After all the excitement subdued a bit I began receiving emails from the other schools congratulating me on my acceptance into their programs, which I most graciously declined. Finally the next day (yes ESCP made me wait a whole extra day!) I got my acceptance email from my beloved graduate school with a bonus: I managed to receive a merit scholarship for 50% of my tuition fees!
All the world was my oyster and life was amazing! Life is still amazing actually.
After you’ve received your email of admittance you need to send a deposit and a photocopy of your diploma (only if you’ve already graduated, if not you send it to them once you have.) and then you’re truly in.
It’s an absolutely wonderful feeling of accomplishment and also allows you to relax for the next few months knowing that you have something to look forward to when next September rolls around. I did mention in an earlier post that I’ll speak more about scholarship opportunities so that’s what will be discussed in the next post! Stay tuned!